Q (hat_madigan) wrote in robfans,

ANNOUNCEMENT: We're Still Married (and Francisco is still dead)

 Yes, it's true: Arthur and I have managed not to kill one another will soon be celebrating 5 years of wedded bliss.

This is indeed a momentous occasion, and we have decided to treat it as such.

By odd happenstance, that weekend (May 25th) is also the 5th anniversary of TRHPS in Fairfax, VA.

So it would seem only natural to combine the two, as it will officially be Sunday, May 25th when the show begins.

This is by no means a planned mini-con, palooza, or anything of that kind. There will be as little organization and planning beforehand as humanly possible. There will, however, be a scouting party to determine cheapest lodging in the area, a large batch of Arthur's copiously alcoholic punch, a HUGE amount of Apples to Apples cards, and at the show... a pre-show or two by our cast.

Others are welcome to request places in the show... if there is enough interest we may split roles- the cast is not against sitting in the seats for a change to see how someone else does things. (the same can be said for pre-shows, but let's keep 'em short.... this is time we COULD be spending drinking.) I believe Monday is also Memorial (Labor? I'm so confused..) day, so there's even rest-before-returning time.

So what say you, o friends of ours across the lands? Shalt thou be joining us??

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