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Painted Perversion Proudly Presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show Oct. 31, 2008 @ 11PM

Hello fellow Transylvanians, Rocky Virgins and Worshipers of D.C.,

Painted Perversion proudly presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Michigan Theatre in Downtown Jackson, Michigan. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and things are just getting started!! Be sure to come early to experience our unusual and entertaining Pre-Shows. With our talented cast, you never know what you will see. DRAG RACING returns!! This popular event is requested every time we do a show and if you have never seen it, now is the time to see why it is a favorite. Your two favorite male Transylvanians (AKA Butt Babies) will be dressing in drag and racing for your delight. Also, the costume contest returns. So, come dressed as your Favorite Halloween\RHPS character and win a prize (1st prize is a "one of a kind" Painted Perversion T-Shirt signed by the entire cast; 2nd prize is a "one of a kind" Painted Perversion pantie signed by the entire cast). The Priestess Minerva returns for Halloween night to read your fortune. Care to see what your future may hold? Also, we are doing something a little different for pre-show music. On Halloween night, see Mr. Denton on Doomsday perform LIVE for listening pleasure. Here is a band bio:

"Mr Denton On Doomsday have been on a rampage since forming in the summer of 2006. In that short time, they have performed over 100 shows across the midwest, sold over 2500 CDs and opened for many national recording acts including The Misfits, Nonpoint, Skindred, Adema, Sponge, Six (featuring members of Cypress Hill), Egypt Central, and Scum of the Earth (featuring Riggs, guitarist for Rob Zombie). In Sept of 2008 Mr Denton's song "Karo" was added to the rotation on over 400 Internet Radio Stations. Mr Denton On Doomsday have performed at such legendary venues as The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Planet Rock in Battle Creek, the infamous I-Rock in Detroit, The Machine Shop in Flint, and Harpos America's largest concert theatre. With a fervent, loyal fan base, a full-length album in the final stages of production, and an endless calender of gigs this band shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Mr Denton On Doomsday includes vocalist Travis in addition to members Fate (Guitar, vocals), Bush (Bass), and Benjamin (Drums). Although these diverse band mates cite King Crimson, Black Sabbath, Queens Of The Stone Age and many others as influences, they create a sound unique unto themselves. Mr Denton On Doomsday is known for clever, insightful lyrics touching on the world of politics as well as personal conflicts and the degradation of rock music as a whole.

With a base in metal and a foot in the door of funk, it's hard to pigeon-hole Mr Denton On Doomsday into one particular music style. Whether it's the soulful blues soloing of Fate, the wah-wah induced funk of Bush's bottom line, or the syncopation of erratic drums beats, each member brings something different to a band not content to settle for less. Their love for the music is evident in every note of every song, and every drop of blood or sweat left on stage. If given the opportunity to see Mr Denton On Doomsday live, then do one thing: Don't miss it!

"Mr Denton on Doomsday's sound falls somewhere between a modern day King Crimson and Black Sabbath, with music that's fresh, original, uncharted." -Anne Erickson - Lansing State Journal

"Each song from Mr Denton On Doomsday is completely unique from the next. Some songs have distinct changes throughout, making you think you are hearing a fusion of several different bands." - Andrew Rogers - LCC"S The Lookout"

Show date is October 31 (Halloween Night) at 11:30 PM. Tickets are $8 per person. For that classic Rocky experience, audience participation prop bags will be free for every person with a paid admission. With that in mind; OPEN FLAMES, outside props, outside food/drink; will NOT be allowed at the theatre. This is a Rated R movie. 17 and up can get in to see the movie. Anyone younger than 17 can get in with parent or guardian who is 17 or older. IDs will be checked at the door, so please bring them if you want to get in. The Michigan Theatre is located at 124 N. Mechanic Street Jackson, MI 49201. Free parking is available north, south, and west of the Michigan Theatre. For advanced ticket sales (major credit cards accepted), please visit our website at Our group will also be selling "specialty" Rocky tickets for the show. So, if you are in Jackson (or just want more information), just call (517) 990-6660 for your advanced "Rocky Horror" tickets (please leave a message).

For those of you who know of D.C. (you have seen him and his full glory), he returns once again to the delight of our fans and the giggling of the VIRGINS!!!! And if you have already seen our show, you know why you need to see it again!! So, spread the word and come do the Time Warp with us again!! If you saw our last show, Virgin Torture returns for another engagement this show. So, bring a Rocky virgin; they will leave wanting more.

Master Of Ceremonies

Jon Rowland

P.S. PAINTED PERVERSION MERCHANDISE NOW FOR SALE!!!! T-shirts and panties with Painted Perversion very own logo; so that you may proudly display that you were "Painted" by the "Perversion". Please help keep Rocky Horror alive in Jackson. Proceeds from donations to the cast help pay for costumes, props, and set pieces. Sign our guest book at the theatre when you arrive.
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